Bib is a necessity if you are a parent of a new born baby. we all know that it is little messy to feed a baby. Babies cloth get wet while feeding them and then you have to change them every time after you feed them. So, it is always good to use bib while feeding baby because it will prevent your baby’s cloth from getting wet. Once your baby starts eating sold then he/she will start spoiling their dress more often and then you will require a absorbent bib which can soak everything and dry quickly.  Waterproof and easily washable help you a lot in feeding you baby. There are few points you have to tale care of while purchasing and using bib –

  • Buy the bib according to age of your baby it should not be too small and too big.
  • The material of the bib should absorb wet thing fall on it and should dry quickly.
  • There should be plastic on the other side of the bib so that the fallen food does not spoil the cloth.
  • Always buy a set of bibs not a single bib. Believe me you will need it.

There are verities of bibs available in the market but 5 best out of them are listed below –

  1. iDream Cartoon Printed Soft Cotton Baby Bibs – These are the excellent quality cotton bib good for teething and feeding baby. It has a soft side  velcro closure, convenient to use and its waterproof backing protect baby’s cloths from wetness.

2. Toytle Eco-Friendly Disposable Bib – This is made up of a soft material and is light in weight. It is comfortable to wear. It is designed with front crumb pocket to keep baby free from food crumbs. It is made of ultra-absorbent material and waterproof backing.

3. T-Shirt Style Babies Bib – These t- shirts style bibs are more comfortable for babies who are mischievous and they don’t sit and eat at one place this bib does not come out and also cover them fully. These bibs are made up of soft absorbent material and they are very easy to wash.

4. Sleeved Washable Waterproof Bib – These bibs come along with selves which covers you baby entirely while feeding or any time when you baby is doing some messy job to protect his/her clothes. You can wash it and use it again and again.

5. Silicone Bib for Infants and Toddlers – These are the 21st century bib and is made up of finest silicone. Cotton bibs absorb fluids and drool and become infectious that can lead to infections and stomachache. This bib keeps your child healthy and clean.  These bibs are certified with FDA, ISO and Indian standards. These bibs are BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates and other toxins free and is made up of food grade silicone. Its pocket design catches falling food and drinks to save your time in cleaning the mess after mealtime.

So friends these are top 5 bibs in our list. You can find many more similar bibs you can find in market and in amazon. Be healthy and keep you baby’s healthy by using bibs.

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