8 Best Formula Milk For Babies  Available In India [2019]
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8 Best Formula Milk For Babies Available In India [2019]

Breast milk is the best milk for new born baby. It is the most nutritional food and it cannot be replaced by any formula milk available for babies. For the overall growth of the baby breast milk contain all the essential ingredients but some time it is not possible for the mother to feed her baby and there are many medical reasons for that. In that situation we cannot use cow or goat milk as alternative and even the pediatrician will not recommend for that, he will only suggest you to use baby formula milk powder because formula milk is the second best alternative for baby’s to complete their nutrition need. So in this article we are going to tell you about the best formula milk for babies available in India.

Formula milk is usually made for baby’s less than 12 months of age. It is available in powder form to be mixed with water or in liquid form to be consumed with or without additional water. Related

There are four types of formula milk available in market.

  1. Cow’s Milk Based FormulaThis is the most commonly available formula milk in market. It has a wide range of nutrients and cow milk as a main ingredient. The manufacturers alter the protein of the milk to make it similar to breast milk. The patent like these formula milk because it is easily digested by babies.
  2. Soya Based Formula Milk – This formula id used mostly for baby’s who are allergic to cow’s milk. It contains soya protein and if you want to exclude animal proteins from your baby these are the best option for you.
  3. Hydrolyzed Formula Milk – This is basically used by baby’s who do not tolerate cow milk or soy based formula. Hydrolyzed formula contain protein broken down into smaller size to make it easier for your baby to digest.

4. Formula for premature baby’s – These are specialized formula designed for premature babies. It has more calories and proteins to help your baby grow faster.

What are the Advantages of Using Baby Formulas Milk?

Though there is no comparison between breast milk and formula milk, as breast milk is always best for infants. Still formula milk has a lot of benefits to the new born baby.

  1. Mother Will get Some Time to RelaxWith breast feeding mother will not get any time for her to relax as they have to be around the baby at all the time. It becomes very difficult for them to do even a very small amount of their day to day job. By using formula milk a mother can get some time to relax, to sleep and get some of her personnel work done. Because formula milk will let you share your feeding duties to other person. You can share it with your spouse. It is good for working women’s, as they can return to their job earlier.
  2. No Restrictions From DoctorsJust after the delivery there are some restrictions to the mother of new born about what to eat and what not to eat and this is because she is breast feeding her baby and whatever she will eat will directly go to the baby’s mouth through milk and it can affect your babies health. Formula milk help you break all your restrictions and you can eat anything you want, without any worry of your baby’s health.
  3.  No Milk Production IssuesSome time mother do not produce adequate milk to satisfy the hunger of baby. Powder milk helps you overcome that issue of less milk production. By using powder milk you can feed your baby without any tension. Now you can feed as much you want to feed and at any time you want to feed.
  4. Helper to Ill MotherPowder milk is a big helper to an ill mother. When you are ill you cannot feed your baby as it can harm your baby. In that situation a mother can use powder milk to feed her baby because it is designed keeping in mind all the nutritious value a baby is needed.
  5. Helps you to Know the Except Amount your Baby is TakingBy using powder milk you can measure except amount of milk your baby is taking. By this way you can know the diet of your baby. Sometimes it helps you a lot when your baby is week.
  6. Great Bounding Between Baby and Family It helps to create bong between baby band other family members. We all know that food connects you emotionally with other, this same thing applies on children also they love them the most who feed them.

List of 8 Best Formula Milk Available For Babies In India

Although there are many brands in India who offers Baby milk powder. But in this article we are giving you the list of 8 best formula milk brands you should consider for your baby.

1. Nestle NAN pro – NAN milk powder is the product of Nestle it contains DHA, ARA and whey protein along with A, C, D, iron and zinc. DHA helps in babies normal brain development. Nestle NAN Pro baby milk powder is available in four different packs that is Nestle NAN Pro 1 for infants, Nestle NAN Pro 2 for babies above 6 months Nestle NAN Pro 3 for babies above 12 months, Nestle NAN Pro 4 for babies 18 months. It is the best milk brand for 1 year old baby.


  • Contain probiotics and nutrients.
  • No constipation


  • Unappealing smell.

2. Lectogen Milk Powder – This is again a Nestle product. It is also available in four pack 1,2,3 and 4 for new born baby till the age of 24 months old baby. It contain all the nutrients required for the baby. Nestle boasts over 150 years of experience in infant nutrition. The milk formula also contains the essential B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron. Lectogen milk powder price.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy to digest


It can cause constipation

3. Aptamil Formula Milk – It is a part of Nutricia. It is the first global brand launched in India. There are four variants available in Aptamil formula milk Aptamil Preterm for premature baby or low weight baby. Aptamil infant formula for babies up to 6 months it contain age appropriate nutrients for neurological, immunological and physical growth and development of infant. It is one of the best infant milk powder in India today.


  • helps in increasing babies health.
  • Easy to digest.


  • A bit costlier then other.

4. Enfamil A+ – it is available in four stages from 1 to 4 for infant to 24 months old baby. This formula milk powder contains DHA, ARA and all the proteins required for the mental and physical growth of a baby. Price details here.
• Good for all over development of the baby
• Expensive
• Can cause gas

5. Dexolac Powder – Dexolac baby milk formula contains ingredients that support immune functions digestive health and strong bones and also contain nucleotides, iron, and folic acid. Doctors especially recommend Dexolac powder for newborn baby’s in the early stage for good growth and mental development. Price details.
• Improve immunity

• Sticky
• Does not dissolve fast

6. Nusobee Soya and Casein Infant Formula – It is a soy-based Infant milk powder. This formula works especially well for babies with lactose intolerance and diarrhea.
Nusobee Casein is also available for babies intolerant to lactose age 1-24 months.
• Good for babies with lactose intolerance
• Unappealing taste

7. Forex Infant Powder Milk – iI provides tailored nutrition that supports growth, development and immunity at all the stages. It comes with PRECI cup for proper feed preparation.

                    This formula has 100% lactose that helps to support probiotics that help to keep your baby healthy and safe from stomach upsets and diarrhea at all time. It is also best milk brand for 1 year old baby.


• affordable price

• reduce gas formation

• good for health gain


• kids spit it a lot 

• makes lumps even after mixing well


8. Similac Formula Milk – It is full of Neuro-nutrients such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, choline, iron, taurine, iodine, folic acid and zinc that are known to support baby’s brain development. Vitamin A, antioxidant vitamins C & E and zinc, that are known to support baby’s developing immune system. Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus that are known to support baby’s bone development. It is one of the best formula milk for the healthy growth and development of the body.
• fast digesting
• reduce spit ups
• unappealing taste

How to Choose Right Baby Powder Milk?

Looking for baby powder milk you should consider the following things.


Formula milk is available according to the age of the child and it is very clearly mentioned on the box you will purchase. You cannot feed your new born baby with the formula meant for toddler and vise versa.


Before purchasing formula milk always ask everything about the content of formula milk  and see that whether our baby can consume it or not. It is better to take some recommendations from pediatrics.


The most important thing which matters is the availability of a brand in your locality. So always try to select the brand which is easily available to your nearby stores.


Budget is going to be another concern because formula milk is available at high prices and before purchasing it you have to see that which brand fits in your pocket.


At the end we can just conclude that although there are many brands of powder milk available in Indian market and they all offer best content in their formula milk like minerals, vitamins and protein required for the overall growth and development of the baby. But still you cannot compare it with mother milk. There is no alternate to mother milk.

Powder milk is only good foe some specific conditions when it become difficult for mother to feed baby because of any reason stated in article in the advantages column.

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