Who don’t like dolls, they are the favorite to all of us specially children? If you are a parents of baby girl then you know that how much your baby loves it. Dolls are so beautifully made that their eyes, hairs and dress attract you baby very much thy can play with them for full day long. Though there are so many dolls available in the market but few of them are the best musical dolls which you can buy for your baby.

1. Angel girl toy – lets your children recognize the color and shape and learn music during the process of playing, thus better enhance the children’s intelligence, auditory sense and hands-on ability, it is best friend for the children to play with. It is a battery operated musical toy with 3D lightening effect to make your child happy.

2. Princess musical dancing doll – next in our list is this doll with 3D lighting on head in pink gown and hands. Head and hands sway in motion and it rotate 360 degrees in motion. It is the best gift for your love ones.

3. Cake shape princess dancing doll – when you switch on the doll, the cake skirt of the doll will open. The doll will also make wonderful music and dance, the base of the doll is equipped with a 360 degree. It is the best pick for you baby.

4. Dream Princess Doll with Music and 4D Lights – It is the attractive piece of toy available with 4D light and music. The beautiful leaf also moves with music. It changes the direction once stuck with anything.

5. Crawling Naughty Baby Toy – this toy has amazing functions like swinging and bumping stimulate baby crawling and entertain your kid to the fullest, this funny face electric baby with sound and music, crawling along with your baby is fun to watch when start.

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