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Brushing baby teeth are as important as brushing the teeth of an adult. Baby teeth are small, but they act a placeholder for teeth when they grow up. A set of healthy teeth helps your baby to chew well and speak well.

Should we clean Baby Gums?

Yes, you can clean your baby’s gum but without using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Just follow these simple steps –


  1. Use a wet cloth and wipe your baby’s gum gently.
  2. Do it twice a day.

When and How to Clean Baby’s Teeth?

Babies get their first tooth around 6 months old. But the teething symptoms can precede the actual appearance of a tooth as much as 2 to 3 months.

So as you see baby’s first teeth pop out, start brushing baby teeth. To brush the baby’s teeth –

  1. The selection of a toothbrush is very important. Carefully select a toothbrush for your baby. The brush should be soft and it should have a small head with a long handle.
  2. Use a rice grain-sized smear of toothpaste for your baby and do not worry if your baby swallows some past. As in such a small quantity, it will not harm your baby.
  3. With a very light hand, start brushing your baby’s teeth. Do it slowly and gently. Never brush your baby’s teeth in a hurry because in that way you can harm your baby.
  4. After brushing your baby’s teeth, ask your baby to spit the past. Do not worry it will take some time to teach your baby how to spit every time after brushing teeth.

What to Do if Baby is Not Interested in Brushing Teeth?

Unfortunately, not all babies like to brush their teeth, especially at the time when a baby is teething he hates to brush teeth. So making it easier to do things like –

  1. Use wet cloth –  sometimes babies do not allow you to brush their teeth. Do not force them try to use another thing for cleaning his teeth like a wet cloth or silicon finger brush.
  2. Copy and past–babies follow every thing. They copy their parent very well. So show them how to brush they might find it intrusting and follow you.
  3. Brush time a play time–babies are curious for every thing so make brush time his/her play time and allow him/her to play with a toothbrush. This way he may end up put brush in his mouth on his own.

 7 Best Tooth Brush for Baby’s Teeth Available in India.

Although there are varieties of baby tooth brushes are available in the Indian market. But out of all, we made a list of 10 best tooth brushes that you should consider while making a purchase.

  1. Mee Mee Easy Grip Baby Toothbrush – It comes with very soft bristles and they design its non slip handle to help your tiny tot to brush teeth
  2. Chicoo Tooth Brush for Baby Teeth – Chicoo is another good brand for baby tooth brush. Its round head and thin neck is specially designed for a baby’s small mouth. The innovative ultra fine tapered bristles are gentle on irritated gums and ensure proper cleaning of a baby’s teeth. The neck is slightly angled to reach the back corner of the mouth, and its large soft pants slip handles can be easily gripped by the child.Chicoo baby brush
  3. Jonson’s Baby Tooth Brush – Jonson is one of the most loved brands in India and mothers love to use it for their babies. The tooth brushes of Jonson are specially designed to keep in mind the requirement and the safety of a child. Every Jonson’s product passes through 5 level safety assurance processes.Jonson baby brush
  4. Pigeon Training Toothbrush L3 – This is for 12–36 months of a baby. This tooth brush offers the soft rubber head to sooth baby’s tender gums and fine bristle to gently brush teeth. The grip of the brush is soft so that the baby can easily hold it.Pigeon baby brush
  5. Dr. Brown’s Infant to Toddler Toothbrush–Dr. Brown if known for its quality. The tooth brush is super soft and safe for the baby’s first teeth. Its flexible body is gentle on sensitive gums. It is very easy for little hands to hold. It shaped like elephant to make brush time fun time.Dr. Brown's Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush
  6. Fisher Price Baby Finger Brush—Fisher price offers you the best quality finger brush and that to price. Finger brush is made up of silicone and you can use it for babies up to 6 months.Fisher-Price Silicone Baby Finger-Brush with Case, Purple
  7. Morison’s Finger Brush –  It is another good brand which you can consider for finger brush. The brush is made up of non – toxic, odorless and super soft silicone which comes along with hygiene case.Baby Finger Brush

Best Baby Toothpaste Available in India

Five best toothpaste for baby’s available in India are –

  1. Pigeon children toothpaste–This toothpaste is an excellent cleaning past for children’s teeth. It helps prevent tooth decay and promotes healthy gum. It is fluoride free toothpaste and helps clean teeth effectively. The flavour is harmless even if swallowed. It is recommended for age 1–6 years.Pigeon children toothpaste
  2. Mee Mee Fluoride Free orange flavour Toothpaste–It is a fluoride free toothpaste for kids. It contains triple calcium and phosphate for stronger teeth. It is totally sugar free with orange flavour. Good for age 1–6 years.Mee Mee Fluoride Free orange flavour Toothpaste
  3. Chicoo Toothpaste Strawberry Flavour–There is no fluorite and preservatives in this toothpaste. It contains bio available calcium and natural sweetener–Xylitol. The recommended age is 1–6 years.Chicoo Toothpaste Strawberry Flavour
  4. Dento Shine Toothpaste–This toothpaste is specially formulated for kids. Fluorite level in this toothpaste is very low for cavity protection. It is 100% vegetarian toothpaste recommended for kids above 2 years.Dento Shine toothpaset
  5. Pediflor Kidz Toothpaste–It is an ideal toothpaste for kids to fight tooth decay. It helps in controlling plaque formation and clinically proven to fight caries. It is a bubble gum flavour toothpaste and contains natural sweetener–Xylitol. Recommended for kids 2–6 years.


Cleaning baby’s teeth and gum is very important for the good dental health of a baby. So never ignore a baby’s teeth even if your baby is not interested in cleaning teeth you have to do it. Use toothpaste and tooth brush recommended for babies only because they are specially designed and planned for considering the sensitivity of a baby’s or toddler teeth and gums.  

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