Learning to share can be challenge for your child, but sharing is a skill they need in every step of their life, for playing, learning and doing day to day activities of their life. You can help your child in learning the importance of sharing by encouraging him and appreciating him every time they try to do so.

What is sharing?

Sharing is a process in which your child gives his/her belongings to his/her friends to use for some time. It could be his toys, food, study material or anything. Sharing is a vital life skill it helps your child to learn cooperation and co-ordination.

How can you teach your child sharing?

  1. It is a bit difficult task but not impossible. You can teach sharing to your child by the age he/she starts holding things in hand by simply passing the object back and forth while saying “my turn, your turn.” This is the first step to teach your child the process of give and take.
  2. You can ask your child to play games which needs team work and cooperation from partner.
  3. Children follow their parent so if you have a sharing nature and if you do it in your daily life in front of your child, he/she will also learn sharing easily. Practice sharing with your child at home and make it fun.
  4. Appreciate your child every time he shares something to his friends, cosines or to any one and encourage him to do it always. Believe me appreciation always works.
  5. Children do not share things because they think that they will not get their favorite stuff back once it is given to other. Convince them and make them believe that they will get their toy back and it not going to go anywhere.

What are benefits sharing?

There are endless benefits of sharing like –

  • Child who shares thing with other have many friends to play with
  • Sharing help in developing emotions attachment between two friends.
  • It is also good for the pocket of parents because if children share thing patent do not have to buy them for their child.
  • Sharing is the only skill which helps your child in developing all the other skills like co-operation, co-ordination and team work which is very useful in life.
  • Sharing teaches children about compromise and fairness.
  • Children who share also learn how to take turns and negotiate, and how to cope with disappointment.

What are the consequences? If your child does not learn sharing?

  • They have lesser friends.
  • Rude behavior.
  • They do not co-operate with others.
  • Such children do not have emotional touch with any one.

Friends sharing is a part of our life. It is a type of “Mantra” which helps us to live happy and healthy life. Child should learn it before he /she get admitted in preschool so that he/she can adjust with other children easily because by sharing they learn that if we give a little to others, we can get some of what we want as well.

So, friends I hope this article will help you to let you kids learn sharing. Thanks for reading.

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