Dream House Hold (Replica of Toy Household Appliances)

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DREAM HOUSE (Replica of House Hold Appliances Toy)

  • Four battery-operated House Hold appliances.
  • Iron, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, sewing machine
  • All functional toys.
  • Pretend and play toy.
  • Best gift to your daughter/sister.


This is a beautiful replica of toy household appliances for your baby girl. This toy set contains a replica of 4 household appliances. All of them are functional with the help of AA batteries. They are an exact copy of the original products. I bet your baby girl with love this product.

It contains a washing machine, Swing machine, Iron, Vacuum Cleaner four of these products are functional. This is a very good roleplay toy. As we all know kids are very excited to operate appliances that we adults use on our daily bases, but it is not safe to allow them to access those electronic appliances. This replica toy is a perfect solution for parents. This toy answers all the questions of your kids related to the functionality of these appliances. It is safe and teaches a lot to your little one. I am 100% sure that not only kids but as a parent, you will also like this product.

For more detail, you can see our YouTube video related to this product, which is posted below. I hope you will get the answer to all your questions in this video. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel because we are producing videos of new and upcoming toys in the market. You can also visit our store.



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