440.00 370.00

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Red
  • Functionality: Light & Musical
  • It moves on the floor
  •  Pickering contains –  One unit of a fire truck toy
  • Good built quality


This is an exquisite fire truck toy. Kids are very fascinated and excited to know about fire trucks. This fire truck toy produces sound and light like a fire truck. This beautiful fire truck toy moves very fast on the floor. These kinds of toys are just not only fun to play for kids but it also educates kids about fire safety and measures that we can take. This toy is an answer to all the questions your kids are having in their minds about the fire trucks.  In school when your kids will be asked about a fire truck, they can answer all questions easily as they know about it practically.

This product is made up of plastic and the quality of plastic and sound is very good and impressive. Get one for kids. this toy is fun to play and learning at the same time. For more clarification, you can view a video of this product posted along with it.

Please visit our YouTube channel for more videos related to toys and baby care products. You can visit our store for product inquiry or can call us. Now don’t wait for anything just buy this for your little one.



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