Soft Toys Ball for Kids – 4 Inc. Multi Color Ball



  1. Cahegory – Soft Toy
  2. Caracter – Ball
  3. Material – Soft Non – Toxic Material



Soft toys are an all-time favorite of kids made up of fabric. They craft this soft toys ball from safe material and are safe for kids. These soft toys can melt any heart on any occasion. Soft toys ball is safe for kids. It does not heart anybody when thrown hard.

This softball is very colorful and attractive. It also has a rattling sound. Good for kids five years and below. It is a washable toy. This is a medium-size softball.

Kids who are aged five years and below don’t have that sense of understanding that a ball can hurt another player if thrown forcibly. It is always good to have these kinds of softballs for your little ones so they can enjoy there game rather than hurting each other. There is also one more type of ball available in the market that contains air and is very light weighted another alternate of this ball. But the big difference is of durability. That airball can get punctured and this soft toy ball can’t be punctured as it was made of cloth.

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