Mundan Sanskar
Mundan Sanskar

Mundan Sanskar

Many people believe that shaving the head of the baby can make the hair grow thicker. In India, there is a ritual named “Mundan Sanskar” performed in believing that the hairs on the head of the newborn baby are not good in a spiritual sense and it is always good to remove them for the blessing of God. It is done when the baby is seven months and above, till the age of three. Every religion performs this ceremony according to their religious beliefs. So here are some safety tips for Mundan Sanskar.

Is it true that shaving the baby’s hair will induce thick and dense hair?

Putting all the religious believe aside according to experts, this is just a myth. There is no scientific proof that shows that shaving ahead will help in healthy hair growth. Even doctors do not approve of it. In reality, baby’s hair grows better after 4 months of age and there is absolutely no need to do anything for that and it also depends on genes of the baby, if you having a healthy hair your child will definitely going to have it.

What is the right age for shaving the baby’s head?

 If you are planning to shave your baby’s head, it is recommended that you should wait at least until your baby’s head becomes hard and firm. According to us the right age of shaving head is any time after baby’s first birthday. 

Tips to shave the baby’s hair safely?

 Baby’s move a lot. It is their tendency and no one can help it out. Shaving requires, calm behavior without any movement. So, the best way to do it is 

  1. Always hire a professional for shaving the head of a small baby.
  2. See that the baby is calm and stable before you start shaving especially if you are shaving with a razor because if the baby is not calm and comfortable there is a chance of cuts and bruises on the head of the baby.
  3. Keep something like toys, candies or anything to distract your baby while shaving. Keep your baby busy without letting him know what is happening.
  4. Before shaving washes the hairs of your baby with shampoo. It will reduce the hardness in hair and make shaving easier.
  5. After shaving clean your babies face and remove all the hairs that fall on his face and body properly.
  6. The last but very important thing to do in the bath. After shaving gives your baby a good bath with warm water and cleans all the hair remaining from his/her body.
  7. Do apply disinfectant on your baby’s head. It will keep your baby safe from infections because of cuts and bruises. 

There is a religious belief in India they’re for people do it otherwise there is no other scientific reason for which this should be done. It totally depends on you whether you want to do it or not. If you do not want to do this there is no harm in it.

                                                              Friends I hope that the article is informative for you. Please share your experience and memories related to the Mundan Sanskar of your baby, this will help other readers. Think’s for reading.


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