What Is the Right Time to Start Potty Training and How?

What Is the Right Time to Start Potty Training and How?

Kids start potty training by the age of 18 months. It differs child to child depend on physical and mental development of baby as well as how to make them realize that now they should start using potty box.

Now the question is how to introduce them potty box, so here is the answer –

  1. Potty training starts with buying the right potty box/seat. It is important to but the right equipment for you baby to start potty training. The potty seat should be right, according to the height of the baby and it should be comfortable for baby to seat. If you prefer to buy an adapter seat for your regular toilet, make sure it’s comfortable and attaches securely. You’ll also need to give your son a stool because he needs to be able to get on and off the potty easily any time he needs to go and to stabilize himself with his feet.
  2. Ask you baby to tell you whenever he feels like going to toilet and when he do so tell him to sit on the potty seat, for some days he might resist that but don’t warry and don’t change your decision and make him sit on the seat, soon it will become his habit and he will start using it.
  3. Sometimes children are scared of potty holes and that is way they resist to sit on them. help them to come out of that fear, by distracting their mind. You can use anything which your baby likes a most a to distract his mind while using potty seat.
  4. In India it is seen that parents trains their kids only for poop in potty seat and for urine thy don’t trains them in potty seat which is wrong. It is always good to train baby for poop and pee in potty seat.
  5. Today there are many potty seats are available in the market with beautiful colors, designs and shapes which reduces your efforts of potty-training you baby.

Last but not the least, if you baby is not getting use to potty seat and it is taking time then don’t worry and keep on trying because sometime kids take time to learn this process and its normal.

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